We have gathered resources for you to explore so that you can build your relationship.

Bid for attention

One of the easiest ways to improve your marriage. Understand what a bid for attention means in your relationship.

Emotional Bank Account

Learn how to make the correct deposits in your relationship.

FOUR Horsemen of the apocalypse

Understand the 4 things that can predict the demise of your relationship.

The 7 principles for making marriage works

Learn 7 principles that will help to empower your marriage.

The 5 love language

Understand how you feel loved or how your partner feels loved.

Why you fall in love

Consider the real reason you fell in love.

3 Things you need in marriage: knowledge, understanding, wis

See how knowledge, understanding and  wisdom are needed in your marriage.

Four foundational Laws of marriage

Understand the 4 foundational laws that will anchor your marriage.